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New Website Creation

Priday Design will develop your thoughts and come up with just what you need for your business, club or association.

From the begining of the process, your new site in development will be added to Priday Design Studio online workspace, so that you can see what it will look like on your pc, tablet or mobile. Speed of progress is often dictated by the supply of material - text, images etc or the number of changes you require, however we will priovide you with a timetable we feel we can stick to.

The designed site will be handed over to you at a time when you agree it meets your day one needs. At that point we will transfer to you all copyright & intellectual property rights for the created website, logo etc.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will come up with a total price - so you know what it cost you from day one.

Small Site Creation

Many businesses, clubs & association just need a small website and Priday Design is happy to create responsive sites, designed to work on any device to meet these needs. From single pages to multiple page sites can be created to match your brand. Or if required, the website can be part of brand creation along with logo design, business cards and other print material.

Give Bill a call - 0121 314 3938 or email to and we will call you back to discuss how we may help your business, club or organisation. We also deliver solutions for individuals.


Depending on your needs your site could be built on a Content Management System. We prefer Joomla CMS as it has better security add-on options than other similar systems and allows us to create responsive solutions, capable of being viewed from any decvice/browser. Joomla is fully extendable to add just about any feature you may require including blogging, photo & video galleries - even Facebook-like social media site operation.

A CMS system allow you to have a very large site with as many pages as is required, all of which are created by you via a Control Panel securely accessed via your web browser. That same Control Panel allows you to update software as it is relased - because Joomla & other Content Management Sytems are modular and support 3rd party components, there are multiple software writes issuing updates to their elements, so the CMS does need to be kept up to date.

Priday Design can take over the management of these updates, if required, leaving you to create & manage the websites content. Our management service can be on a per occassion or long term contract basis, to suit your needs.

Website Redesign

  • Do you have an existing website and need it updated or just need someone to help you manage it?
  • Or do you need your existing site converted into a Content Management System to allow you to be more hands on and look after your site yourself?
  • Or does it need to be updated to work on all the mobile devices todays viewers prefer to use?
  • Or perhaps you need to get your website positioned better in search engines?

Priday Design can help you. We have extensive experience of reworking websites to meet all your requirements.


Domain Names

Every website needs a domain name! It is what people earch for to see your website content & and it is what search engines use to direct potential customers to you.

Priday Design will do the research for you to find you the best domain for your website (and check to see if you can use the same name on Social media sites) and offer you the choice of all those available.

Your domain can becsome your brand and therefore it is worth spending some time making sure you have thought things through fully - we will offer sound advice based on our years of experience.

Transfer In Existing Domains

Have existing Domain Names? We will be happy to host all your domain names to allow you to deal with just one services supplier, for all your website & email needs. Transfer in of .uk domains is FREE (charges fdo apply for other domain extensions - please request a quote today.

Whether you need a domain for a Website or for an Email only account - contact Peiday Design.

Website & Email Hosting

OK, so you have a domain name & a website - now you need somewhere to store all the files & data that makes up your web pages. You need some hosting.

Priday Design offers hosting services with unlmited storage (with no data transfer limits), unlimited email services and 99.99% SSD Cloud Uptime Guarantee with LiteSpeed. Access to a whole host of Features, Apps & CMS via your own Control Panel.

And if you prefer it, we have included Site Builder Pro - so you can design your own website via the online control panel

Email Only Accounts

Sometimes all you need is an email address. Priday Design can supply you with Unlimited Email - POP3, IMAP with Webmail plus redirects, autorresponders, filtering, Apache SpamAssassin and SSL encryption ofboth outgoing & incoming messages.

Alternatively, we can provide you with Microsoft Windows based email solutions if you prefer