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Payment Details and Terms & Conditions

Payment & Terms


Normally we bill you via the PayPal electronic funds transfer system, which allows you to pay by Credit or Debit card or if you have one, a PayPal account. Please note you do not need a PayPal account to use this service - PayPal will send you an invoice on our behalf with a link to enable you to pay. When you get to the PayPal page, select how you wish to pay & follow the procedure.

We can accept payment by CHAPs or BACs by prior agreement. Cheques are not accepted. Priday Design reserve the right to request stage payments.


Almost all terms are negotiable.
Payment is not normally required for website design work until the project is completed.
Priday Design will display your new design on one of our own domains prior to completion so you can see what it will look like online and suggest/request changes.
Priday Design are not VAT registered, therefore a separate notice of VAT will not be supplied.

New Design
During new site construction all copyrights rest with Priday Design. Upon completetion of the design and in receipt of acceptance of the design (normally called day one) an invoice will be issued. Upon receipt of payment in full the design will be released and/or uploaded to the hosting package. At that time all copyrights will be transferred to the site owner. Similarly, any operational licenses obtained on behalf of the client will also be transferred, unless an ongoing management package is put in place.

Site Redesign and/or Changes
Unless otherwise agreed prior to commencement of the work, the redesigned site will not be uploaded to hosting until full payment is received. Any new copyrights and/or operational licenses will be transferred to the website owner on receipt of full payment.

Website Management
If you wish, we can manage your website for you. At all times the website belongs to you and we will not change any of the content without prior agreement with yourself. Normally you will provide Priday Design with details of what needs to be changed. For CMS based websites, the ongoing management will also ensure that all operational versions of software components are kept up to date & any security functions are kept up to date. Priday Design cannot 100% guarantee the security of your websitebut we will offer as much help & advice as possible.

Domain Names
Payment is required in full before any domain name is registered for you. Upon renewal, payment in full must be received before the domain is renewed. Failure to pay for Domain Renewals in time can lead to your website disappearing from view and, potentially, a loss of your sensative data (emails & database).

Domain Transfers
Domain Names can be transferred to/from Priuday Design only when the rental period is current. In other words, if a renewal is due (within 14 days) it must be paid before the tansfer is accepted/started. Once a domain name has been transferred to a host, it cannot then be transferred again within 60 days.

Website Hosting agreements will start from the day the website design (new or redesign) is accepted (by you - an email to that effect is required) and after full payment for 12 months is received.

1) Cancellation prior to the commencement of any works can be accepted upon receipt of an email.
2) Cancellation after work has commenced will generate an invoice for the period of time spent on your project. Cancellation will take place once payment is received in full for that work.
3) Domain Names cannot be cancelled once they have been ordered/renewed. However, we can try & sell the domain on your behalf to other interested parties.
4) Hosting aagreements can be cancelled at any time as long as 72 hours notice is given. Please note that cancelling a hosting agreement without having an alternative in place could result in the total loss of sensative material and in particular emails.
5) No refunds of any monies paid will be made.
6) Upon cancellation, any received content will be returned if requested, or destroyed.